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Adventure Cycling Press Review

Off the beaten path in Spain, by Larry Rice

Having traveled to some 35 countries and canoed on all seven continents, I’m sometimes asked: “Where else besides the U.S. would you like to live?” The answer to this provocative question unexpectedly came to me during an October 2013 bicycle tour in a place I didn’t expect it — Spain."

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Cycling Roman Route to Salamanca

Roman Route to Salamanca Cycling Tour 


Susan Greenwood - Saturday June 24 2010

Trans-Iberian: Cycling Spain´s Ancient via de la plata.

..." our view from those saddles was always arresting, the route expertly chosen to provide us with a snapshot of the area's eclectic terrain, with cars noticeable only by their absence. We rode from mountains embraced by the experienced outdoorsman to pastoral villages, flatter farmland and finally a long, open stretch into Salamanca, dotted with the yellow markers of the Via de la Plata."

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Cycling World Press Review

Cycling holidays in Segovia


March 2018

Away from Home, by Jaime Bartolome

Some people say I have the best job in the world! I get to explore hidden parts of my beautiful country of Spain while designing new cycling routes for my clients in a family venture that involves the expert opinion of my British wife and two kids..."

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Family donkey trekking

Family Donkey Tour in Spain 

The Observer

Clover Stroud. - Sunday April 19 2009

Mum, this is our best holiday in donkey's years.

Forget those truculent mules on Blackpool Beach, Clover Stroud finds a donkey makes the perfect companion on a family walking holiday through Spain - amusing the locals, charming the children, and always happy to carry the picnic.

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Cycling the Land of Conquistadors

Cycling in Extremadura 


Patrick Collinson - Friday June 21 2013
Cycling (with knobs on) in Extremadura, Spain.

..." Our route to Plasencia takes us hurtling down the mountainside and past river gorges. We realise the designers of this route torture you (a little) at first, then start rewarding you with treats. Plasencia is a revelation. Given the tens of millions of foreign visitors Spain welcomes every year almost nothing is "undiscovered". Yet maybe this really is it. A walled market town, unspoilt by tourism, with a lively market square, and the most stunning Parador."

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Family donkey trekking

Family Donkey Tour 

Liam Stebbing. - Saturday June 29 2009
Family time off the beaten trek.

What better way to bond with the kids while getting back to nature than by trekking with donkeys through the Spanish province of Segovia.

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