Book your cycling and walking holiday with us!  Let the local experts take care of every detail, including all the logistics!

Local communities


The money that you spend on your holiday makes a real difference to the ordinary people who live in the places you visit.

  • To date, the work you provide us with sustains four full time jobs in the travel agency office here in Segovia and one seasonal job for our bike mechanic.
  • The hotels where you stay are often in “out of the way places”, sometimes even remote, rural communities. Your clientele is crucial to making their small businesses viable.
  • Taxi transfers, luggage transfers, bicycle hire, donkey hire, buying of artisan goods, eating out and even buying food and drink from small village shops…all make an important contribution to the local economies of the places you visit.


In many areas of Spain where we work, away from mainstream tourism, this sort of holiday is a pioneering concept and is seen as a long-lasting and viable alternative. Your custom makes a difference!

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