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Our vision

In Spain we have been blessed with one of the greatest things that money cannot buy: the warmth of the sun and the brightness of wide open blue skies, day in and day out.

We take for granted the splendid fresh produce that our sun nurtures and the healthy Mediterranean diet that we enjoy. Phoenicians, Romans and Moors, lived amongst us and we were enriched by their cultures and traditions, but it was the greatness of an empire that conquered half the world, in the name of religion, which made it possible for our ancestors to build some of the greatest religious buildings ever constructed and which, still today, dominate our towns and cities.

Spain is a large and varied country of pristine beaches, vast plains, mountain ranges; it is a stepping stone between Northern Europe and Africa, a land of bears, wolves, lynx, turtles, vultures, eagles, flamingos…
We aim to show the world our most valued heritage, but not exploit it; share it but not damage it or devalue it in the process.

We want AWAY FROM THE CROWDS´ holidays to be defined by:

  • Avoiding mass tourism. No fake experiences. Genuine Spain.
  • Meeting the ordinary people of Spain, soaking up their way of life.
  • Experiencing nature, wildlife and beautiful landscapes as you exercise.
  • Local knowledge taking you to those beauty spots that would otherwise pass you by.
  • Sustainable tourism: Your holiday has a positive economic impact on the people on the ground and a minimal impact on the environment.

Our wish is to slowly continue to create a repertoire of high quality walking and cycling holidays covering the entire Spanish geography. Our aim is to make a profit while making the world a better place. 

We collaborated with the VI International Adventure Conference organized by: