Book your cycling and walking holiday with us!  Let the local experts take care of every detail, including all the logistics!

Our standards

We have been selling walking and cycling holidays since 2006. This experience, combined with invaluable customer feedback, has taught us a lot over the years and we aim to continue improving the services we offer.

The Holidays:

  • Hand-picked routes, hotels and restaurants at each location.
  • Precise and reliable taxi transfers and luggage transfer services.
  • High quality bicycles that are well-serviced and fully-equipped for touring.
  • Accurate and comprehensive route notes, revised regularly.
  • Meticulously accurate maps taken from the Spanish Geographic Institute.
  • Holiday documentation sent to you by post so that you can start enjoying your holiday from home.

Customer Service:

  • E-mail and telephone support by English-speaking staff to sort out every small query prior to departure.
  • Full, on the ground, support. We aim to resolve any eventuality in the best possible way, putting you first and cost last.
  • We take your feedback extremely seriously and act upon any complaints or suggestions. You know best. Not us.

Back Office:

I´ve heard it said that “quality is doing things right, the first time”. But getting things right is hard! and sometimes what is right today, is no longer right tomorrow!
We aim to really learn from our mistakes by resolving the root of the problems. Quality at all levels is high on our agenda as a company.